Monday, April 13, 2009

Elegant Egyptian Mau Cats, Exotic Cats & Mau Kittens


There is no known early recorded history of the Egyptian Mua so we are uncertain of his exact origins, but it is believed that he is descendant of African Wild Cats and of cats depicted in ancient paintings in Egypt. Exiled Russian Princess Natalie Trobetskoy in 1953 managed to get several of these fine cats to breed for herself from the Egyptian Ambassador to Italy. Egyptian Mau's have two distinct markings on their type of marking is a scarab beetle, and the other marking is a M on the forehead. The cats with the M are usually cats from the United States.


The Egyptian Mau is the fastest domesticated cat, and can reach top speeds of 30 m.p.h. Aiding him in reaching this great speed is his longer hind legs and flap of skin that extends from the flank to the back knee. Musical Maus don't have ordinary "meow" but rather chortle, and chirp, and they do a little happy dance which looks like the Egyptian Mau is marking his or her territory, but minus the urine. They come with a beautiful coat that comes in five colors blue/pewter, black, smoke, silver and bronze.

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Mau's are very smart, loving and loyal. They thrive on being around their owner and do not tolerate other cats, or pets in the home. He is wary of strangers in the home as well. He is the perfect cat for the single person, but the single person has to be devoted to the cat as well, and if he is he will have the perfect feline companion

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